Disabling power saver in RedHat

RedHat Linux 5
S3 Vinge DX

When leaving my box unatended for several minutes, the power saver functions kick in (inspite of the fact that I have disabled them at the BIOS level).

The S3 has a problem restarting the video services when this happens. If I am running in X I have to Kill X to recover video, if I am under shell I have to reboot the box.

Interestingly enough, this does not happen when using Slackware.

So the question is, how to disable (or configure) Power Management from RedHat Linux.
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mcdoncConnect With a Mentor Commented:
betcha never thought i'd respond *this* fast did you?

Recompile the kernel and take out APM support in "Character Devices".

See the Kernel-HOWTO.

have a look at  

there should be a DPMS option. No idea how to make this permanent.
Recompile the kernel and take out APM support in "Character Devices".

See the Kernel-HOWTO.

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jpk041897Author Commented:

This was the solution I actualy implemented, just before my motherboard died and it became academic :-)

Post your comment as an answer so that I can grade it.
jpk041897Author Commented:
You must be either desperate for points or closley monitoring questions in limbo :-)

heh..very old post...renewing the answer since i found it
use xset -dpms this should turn off the energy saver feature even if disabled in bios
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