ftp access

I'm running Linux RedHat 5.2.
I'm trying to setup ftp access.
Actually, i've disable guest & anonymous access. I just
want to allow known users to log on.
This part works fine. But now, i want to restrict each user access to his own directory. I mean i don't want to allow a user to do "cd /etc" or something similar. I just want to allow him to put or get files from his own directory.

Any idea would be welcome.
Thanks, Jacoby.
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change the login directory in /etc/passwd as follows:

     /usr/home/user   --->   /usr/home/./user
Make sure you have lots of disk space.

Make your "new" root directory:
mkdir /export/ftp
cd /
cp -Rf usr /export/ftp/usr
cp -Rf bin /export/ftp/bin
cp -Rf sbin /export/ftp/sbin
cp -Rf lib /export/ftp/lib
cp -Rf etc /exports/ftp/etc
mkdir /exports/ftp/tmp
chmod 777 /exports/ftp/tmp

Delete all the unecessary files from /exports/ftp (use "chroot /etc/exports/ftp /bin/sh" to find out if you can delete stuff.  read the chroot manpage.  Add users while you're chrooted.)

Make all the home directories you want in /exports/ftp/home, and chmod them properly so users don't have access to each other's home directories.

In inetd.conf:
tp     stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  in.new.ftpd

Create "in.new.ftpd" in /usr/sbin, chmod it to 755:
env - chroot /export/ftp /usr/sbin/in.ftpd -a -l -i -o

Is that more than you were bargaining for?

It would be for me.

change the login directory in /etc/passwd as follows:

/usr/home/user   --->   /usr/home/./user

Then create  /usr/home/{bin,lib}/ and copy all you want to have for your users.
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jacobyAuthor Commented:
mcdonc, thanks for your help, but your solution need more disk space than i can have.

ahoffmann, i tried what you said but i still can go out of my home directory. (humm by "create  /usr/home/{bin,lib}/ ", I assume you mean : create bin and lib directories in /usr/home/ and put in bin and lib what i need?  This is what i did, but i still have the same prob.

Thanks, Jacoby.
my solutions is based on wu-ftp, hmm I thought linux uses this one.
Could you please check?
You also may check /etc/ftp{groups,users}

Anyway, I slightly remember that this question still was answerd at E-E ...
1.Make "new" /bin and /lib directories, for example:
mkdir /usr/home/ftpbin
mkdir /usr/home/ftplib
2. Copy all necessary files there. You can find them in /usr/home/ftp/{bin,lib}. Or copy them from /bin and /lib. They are
a) compress,  cpio,  gzip, ls,  sh,   tar,  zcat
and b)
ld-2.0.7.so            libc.so.6              libnss_files-2.0.7.so
ld-linux.so.2          libnsl-2.0.7.so        libnss_files.so.1
libc-2.0.7.so          libnsl.so.1


3. For each user replace their HOME string in /etc/passwd :
/usr/home/USER   --->   /usr/home/./USER

4. Create a hard link for each user in his home directory :
ln /usr/home/ftpbin /usr/home/USER/bin
ln /usr/home/ftplib /usr/home/USER/lib

still have this as comments, Toliann :-(
jacobyAuthor Commented:
Ahoffmann, in fact now it work but with guest users. I didn't really knwo what was Guest user, but it was exactly what i needed. But I think your answer is also good, so please reply with an answer and i'll grade it.
Thanks,  Jacoby
jacobyAuthor Commented:
Sorry, about the delay.
Thanks for your help !!

Regards, Jacoby.
jacobyAuthor Commented:
found a good tutorial for wu-ftpd with guest account.

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