How to window.back() and window.forward()

This code won't work.  What am I doing wrong? I want to click one image to page back and another to page forward. (I don't want to use form buttons.)

<a HREF="#" onClick="window.back()">
<img src="images/back01.jpg"></a>

<a HREF="#" onClick="window.forward()">
<img src="images/for01.jpg"></a>
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martinagConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You've written onMouseOver and onMouseOut as their own tags when they in fact are attributes to the <A> tag:
<a HREF="javascript:history.back()" onMouseOver="act('back');window.status='Back';return true" onMouseOut="inact('back');window.status=' ';return true">

Use history, not window:

I'd use BORDER="0" for the images. Also, I recommend to put the code in the HREF instead of onClick:

<a HREF="javascript:history.back()"><img src="images/back01.jpg" border="0"></a>
<a HREF="javascript:history.forward()"><img src="images/for01.jpg" border="0"></a>


Where in the hell did you find window.back or window.forward?  How long have you been programming? :-)

Martin is correct, but this will work also, dude:

<A HREF="javascript:history.go(-1)"><img src="images/back01.jpg" border="0"></A>
<A HREF="javascript:history.go(+1)"><img src="images/for01.jpg" border="0"></A>

You can change the numbers to skip back or forward more spaces in history.

Hope this helps you dude,


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adamssrAuthor Commented:
You answered my question first and the 50 points are yours.  But my problem is not solved (my fault). When I inserted your code, it worked, but the onMouseOver and onMouseOut functions I was calling quit working. (I want the button to change onMouseOver).  Here is what I have now:

<a HREF="javascript:history.back()">
<ONMOUSEOVER="act('back');window.status='Back';return true">
<ONMOUSEOUT="inact('back');window.status=' ';return true">
<img src="images/back01.jpg" NAME="back" width="80" height="23" alt="Back" border="0"></a>

What do you suggest?  If you can help me with this, I'll throw in another 50 points.  Thanks..
adamssrAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Martin.  I figured it out myself, but you earned the points.

P.S.  A note to Shane:  
The place in hell I found window.forward() was as follows:
<FORM NAME="input">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Back" onClick="window.forward()">
onMouseover and onMouseout are not tags.  I suppose you found these in hell, too?

How about this:

<A HREF="javascript:history.go(-1)" onMouseOver="window.status='Back'; return true;"
   onMouseOut="window.status=''"><img src="images/back01.jpg" border="0"></A>
<A HREF="javascript:history.go(+1)" onMouseOver="window.status='Forward'; return true;"
   onMouseOut="window.status=''"><img src="images/for01.jpg" border="0"></A>

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