Frustrating Monitor woes...

  I hv a AMD K6 200 with a 14' SVGA monitor...
my monitor will automatically change into suspend mode when changing into different color and resolution modes... and it doesn't change back! Is my monitor faulty or my setup (bios, windows) wrong?? How can I disable the auto suspend mode of my monitor. It is fine with win apps BUT not win games that take up the whole screen.

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netmageConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thanks for inviting me to answer this.

Its been a while since further comment has been added so i gather things have been working well for you.

New or fresh install of the video drivers might help.

The problem might be that the monitor doesn't support color depth or resolution that you're changing to. (check it's specifications.)

If that doesn't apply, then check the display adapter and monitor listings for conflicts in the Device Manager if using Win9x.

Let me know what your operating system is, and list the affected component's model numbers.

You might have your resolution set to 640x480 which is fine to windows but not full screen ms-games that need 800x600. And make sure that in your configuration (control panel/display), under configuration/properties/monitor you have the third selection marked (re- establish screen after...).
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You may be trying to run at resolutions that your monitor or video card are unable to handle.  Quick question, how much video ram do you have in your video card?  

thiamwahAuthor Commented:
2.25 MB . It is a 128 bit ET6000 Tseng card... and it is running under Windows 95..
the drivers shouldn't be a problem cause I have downloaded the latest drivers for my video card. The monitor is some taiwanese clone... and it does not have its own drivers... so I chose SVGA 1024*768
The Bottom line question here is what Video card is it?

The reason for your problem (i think) is that the monitor can't recognise the high sync speed of the video card and thinks its been disconected and shuts down.
Most 14" monitors were really lucky pushing 75hz and new video cards use 100hz easily, so you can see the problem if 85 hz tries to synch your monitor. The good thing here is that your monitor doesn't try to go with the flow and gracefully shuts down.

I'll send you a url to a program that can lock screen screen modes for windows,d3d and opengl.
Try this for a test and report back on how it has helped or not.

The programs name is powerstrip.

You could also try loading the vga monitor type in windows as a method of controlling the jumps between different resolutions and play all the games at 640*480. Colour depth shouldn't be a problem.

thiamwahAuthor Commented:
thanks a million. will try it!
U don't know frusttrating it has been for me...
will tell u the results
look on the back of the monitor.

find the FCCID#

SVGA 1024x768 standard in windows can cause headaches, you wouldn't believe.

post the FCCID#
How the progress with the monitor.
Did that program work?
thiamwahAuthor Commented:
well, I forced it at 640*480 and it is working fine, at last!
It is better than cannot playing games at all... :)
My monitor is some lousy Taiwanese clone and that's the problem... thanks to all of you, esp. netmage.
I will try to post the FCCID later..
Is there any more information that we could provide before asking that a final answer be posted to close this question and award points?

its a BIOS problem.  You need to disable sleep mode in the bios
thiamwahAuthor Commented:
sorry but Netmage deserves the points...
pls answer the question and I will award the points..
thanks a lot
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