Positioning cursor

I want the cursor postioned at a certain point after text has been transferred from one window to another using the following:

Clipboard.SetText lstList1.Text
    frmOrderform.txtText2.SelText = Clipboard.GetText()
    SendKeys "{Enter}", False

This of course puts the cursor at the start of the next line but what I want is the cursor to end up 10 spaces to the right of the last character of the transferred text, as in:

12345678  Whatever           | cursor postion

I tried this using a sendkeys but dont know how to send 10 spacebar presses.
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sduckettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Slightly too simple to be obvious this one:
SendKeys "          ", False
Bye for now
sendkeys "         " will do
I hadn't seen your answer while I went offline and experimented with this, sorry.
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