how do i make my prog mac compatible?

How do i make my program mac compatible. Work on a mac?
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idcanadaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Maybe Java would be your thing.
PCs and Macs have fundamental differences in the way their processors work(big-endian byte vs. little-endian byte, and so forth). Windows software will NOT run on a Mac. There is no easy way to make a Windows program run on a Mac. There are attempts underway to make software for one platform (Windows) accessible by another platform (Mac). For example, there is an effort underway in Switzerland to make all Windows software accessible to the Linux OS. JAVA is another example of an attempt to create platform-independent software (runs on any machine or OS), but this actually entails each OS to have a JAVA virtual machine (translator) that reads the JAVA, and then converts it to the machine-level commands of the specific OS.

VB also uses a virtual machine (MSVBVM50.dll/MSVBVM60.dll) to translate the "compiled" VB program into PC machine code. There might be a VB virtual machine .DLL for Mac computers.

On the other hand, Microsoft is not really interested in proliferation of the Mac OS. For example, Microsoft produces a great deal of Mac software; MS threatened to stop development of the Office suite for Mac, if they did not cower, (Edited by Computer101) &c. MS did allow them to produce a rather odd-looking product of no tangible improvement over past Macs.

You need to compile your project specifically to run on the Mac operating system. This might prove to be a weird one for you to figure out. Most of th development software out there is for Windows/DOS/PC machines.

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You could write it in ANSI C, ANSI Pascal, etc. (or ANY language that has an accepted standard).  Then compile the program using a compiler on both machines.
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If you use NO api calls, dont use any controls outside of the basic one included with VB, and basically dont use and unusaual basic calls, there is a way (sort of).  If the user of the MAC has the latest verion of MS Office for Macintosh, you can create your application as a macro that runs under one of the office apps.  This isnt really a very good option and the limitations are pretty stiff, but if you HAVE to run your VB code it is currently the only way.

CoRpSe:  what do you have to say about Commodore 64 users?
Ahh, that's good that you didn't make any negative comments against the Commie!!  The Commie made me what I am today.

I can't say I hate MACs, but I do have two major bones to pick:

1.  The keyboard sucks
2.  The keyboard buffer seems to take precedence over false copy+paste, and your machine could be *quack*ing for several hours, with no way to stop it.
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