sendkeys in java?

I usually work with vb and occasionally use sendkeys even though I understand that its bad programming practice. Is there a way to sendkeys with java?
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diakovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. You have to construct a KeyEvent and push it in the system queue. Here is the code fragment:

//get the system event queue
EventQueue q = this.getToolkit().getSystemEventQueue();

//play some events
long time =  System.currentTimeMillis();

//ttt is the text component to which you send the keystrokes.
//note, it must be visible.
KeyEvent E1 = new KeyEvent((Component)ttt, KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, time - 7 , 0, KeyEvent.VK_A, 'a');
KeyEvent E2 = new KeyEvent((Component)ttt, KeyEvent.KEY_RELEASED, time - 6, 0, KeyEvent.VK_A, 'a');
KeyEvent E3 = new KeyEvent((Component)ttt, KeyEvent.KEY_TYPED, time - 5, 0, KeyEvent.VK_UNDEFINED, 'a');


//the key events go in triads. key pres, key released and then key typed. This will trigger the desired behaviour.


What is send keys? Post key events in the System queue? I can give you an example of that, if this is what you need.
GoofyJoe99Author Commented:
Sendkeys is a small method that is equivalent to pressing a key on the keyboard.
Ex.- In VB        
SendKeys "{Tab}"      - is equivalent to hitting the tab key on the keyboard
SendKeys "{Enter}"   - hits the enter key

Can any of this be done in java?
Btw, this is not an 'easy' question :-)
GoofyJoe99Author Commented:
ha, your right diakov, this is not an easy question. The only reason I thought it was easy is because its so easy to do in VB. I realize that its a complicated process in Java and I better start diggin my brain.
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