How can I Register a DSName In the System DSN Of ODBC ?

   I want to Register a Dsn Name for the ODBC in System DSN,through Visual Basic Code.  I'am able to register in User DSN through V.B Code, but i'am not able to register in System DSN through VB Code.

   This i want to do, because i'am developing an intranet based application with SQL Server 6.5 as the backend using Active X Controls.

   So after registering the OCX Controls in the Server, suppose if i'am accessing the file which is in the server.  The application is not loaded in IE browser, this is because it looks for the Local System DSN, which i have not configured.
If i'am configuring the System  DSN in the local machine, i'am able to access the application throught IE.  But it should be such that without configuring in the client's 32 bit odbc, i should able to access the application..

   This is possible only if i write to configure through the VB Code itself, and before registering the ocx control in the server.

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pottiAuthor Commented:
Just help me
I Have to do this soon in a new project at work, but my initial look leads me to think that HKLM\Software\ODBC\ODBC.INI\etc... is the place to go.

But as I will be doing this soon, hope you don't mind me observing the answers you get

pottiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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pottiAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
If you are doing it like this I think you do not need a dsn, I remember at an ms seminar they showed opening a recordset by setting the provider to something with http in it, I kind of ignored it as I tought it unlikely to work.
Try This:

Option Explicit

Private Const ODBC_ADD_DSN = 1        ' Add data source
Private Const ODBC_CONFIG_DSN = 2     ' Configure (edit) data source
Private Const ODBC_REMOVE_DSN = 3     ' Remove data source
Private Const ODBC_ADD_SYS_DSN = 4    ' Add a new system data source.

'ODBC_CONFIG_SYS_DSN: Modify an existing system data source.

'ODBC_REMOVE_SYS_DSN: Remove an existing system data source

Private Const vbAPINull As Long = 0&  ' NULL Pointer
Private Declare Function SQLConfigDataSource Lib "ODBCCP32.DLL" (ByVal hwndParent As Long, ByVal fRequest As Long, ByVal lpszDriver As String, ByVal lpszAttributes As String) As Long

Public Function AddODBCDSN()

    Dim strDriver As String
    Dim strAttributes As String
    Dim intRet As Long
    'since i do not have SQL Server installed....
    strDriver = "Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)"      'Set the attributes delimited by null.
    'See driver documentation for a complete
    'list of supported attributes.
    'You should use this
    'strDriver = "SQL Server"
    strAttributes = "SERVER=SomeServer" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DESCRIPTION=Test DSN" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DSN=DSN_TEMP" & Chr$(0)
    strAttributes = strAttributes & "DATABASE=c:\test.mdb" & Chr$(0)
    'strAttributes = strAttributes & "UID=" & Chr$(0)
    'strAttributes = strAttributes & "PWD=" & Chr$(0)
    'To show dialog, use Form1.Hwnd instead of vbAPINull.
    intRet = SQLConfigDataSource(vbAPINull, ODBC_ADD_SYS_DSN, strDriver, strAttributes)
    If intRet Then
        MsgBox "DSN Created"
        MsgBox "Create Failed"
    End If
End Function

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pottiAuthor Commented:
After Executing The code, The windows is Shutdown saying that it Has performed an Illegal operation, but the DSN is created. I dont know the reason for the shutdown.

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