Ole and DLL

I am programming in VC++ 5 in NT. I've included a dialog in a regualr dll; and in the dialog there is an ole control. When I try to create an instance of the dialog I get the following error in the debug window:

CoCreateInstance of OLE control {53D4F583-DE5B-11D0-8B6C-444553540000} failed.
>>> Result code: 0x800401f0
>>> Is the control is properly registered?
Warning: CreateDlgControls failed during dialog init.
Warning: Dialog creation failed!

The control is already registered in the system (I have used it in a normal application). What do I need to do to register on line (I suppose) the control for the dialog to work correctly??
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NinAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
The error code is 'CO_E_NOTINITIALIZED'. You have to call 'CoInitialize( NULL);' before creating the control (if you're using MFC, the call is 'AfxOleInit();')


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BTW: This call is used to initialize athe OLE libraries, no function related to COM/OLE will work unless 'CoInitialize()' is called. The best place for this call is in the constructor of your dialog, and 'CoUninitialize()' should be placed i the dialogs destructor, hence. And: You could also use 'OleInitialize ( NULL);' ;-)
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Though OleInitialize(NULL) is inefficient if you're not programming compound documents. BTW, just to be picky ( ;-) ), I believe that CoTaskMemAlloc and CoTaskMemFree will work without the COM library having been initialized.
>>I believe that CoTaskMemAlloc and CoTaskMemFree will
>>work without the COM library having been initialized

Nope, they won't - the COM libraries' heaps are allocated when the DLLs are initialized.
BTW: 'OleInitialize()' & 'AfxOleInit()' are mainly wrappers around 'CoInitialize()' - the just perform a few other things (see the source of 'AfxOleInit()')
NinAuthor Commented:
jkr, is there any other initialization to be done?
the creation of the dialog is successful, but now the control is behaving strange.

No, 'CoInitialize()' usually is enough - or are you using MFC?
In what way is it behaving 'strange'?
NinAuthor Commented:
I am using MFC (initialized with AfxOleInit();) and now when I create an instance of the dialog the control registered correctly; But still the control does not seem to work. It seems that beeing inside the regular dll afects the ole control in a stange way, because I'vw used the same control in another non dll application and it works fine.  
>>beeing inside the regular dll

I assume this is the reason - try to build a MFC extension DLL..
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