HP LaserJet 4, Error 22

Have an HP Laserjet 4 connected to the parallel port of a Dell PC.  When I turn on the LaserJet, it shows "22 error" and the Form Feed light is on.  After a few seconds the green ready light comes on, and the On Line light comes on (steady), and the Form Feed light is on.  The same thing occurs if the printer is directly connected to the parallel port, or is routed through the external Zip drive.  By fiddling around with the reset, and a number of combinations, I can print a page correctly from time to time, so there is a connection to the data coming from the computer.  ???   Thanks for your assistance.  I heard from you from PC World.  The only option I saw below was "Banner Exchange" or "Search Engine".
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Does the unit print correctly after it powers up and the "ready " light comes on. Also, does this error only appear when you first power up the printer?
Need a little more info.
gpefleyAuthor Commented:
The first time, it prints some characters.  The second time it prints correctly (at least the first page),  It goes back to a condition of the Ready light continuing to blink, then after a while the Form Feed light comes on, then goes off, and on and on.  Resetting doesn't clear the situation.  The Error 22 message comes back sometimes.
check this HP note:


sorry that I can't figure out how to make the page location blue so it is a link.

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OLDGREYGUY is correct.

Another possible solution is to add an additional I/O card,
to create an 'LPT2:' port, so that your ZIP drive can have
exclusive access to 'LPT1:', and your printer can have
exclusive access to 'LPT2:'.
Try downloading the latest driver from hp.com and re-install. It sounds as if your printer has a problem interpreting what it's being told to print which is usually a sign of a defective printer driver.
Let me know how this goes...
According to the service manual, the 22 error means that the computer and printer are not communicating correctly. The first thing I would recommend is that you try reseating the cable at both the printer and the CPU ends. If that doesn't work, try replacing the cable. If that still doesn't work, I would try connecting the printer to a different workstation to see if you can duplicate the problem at will, or whether it is particular to your machine. If the printer works just fine on a different workstation, then I would get the latest driver as previously suggested. However, you should be able to print just fine using a standard HP Laserjet driver. You will be missing many of the advanced features of the actual HP4 driver, but this will work to test whether or not you have a bad driver. If the printer works just fine on the other computer but not on yours, and the standard HP driver doesn't change the symptoms, then you need to start looking at how you have your LPT1 port set up in your system BIOS and how you have the printer port set up in the printer setups. For example, if you have the printers parallel port set to high speed, you had better be using an enhanced parallel port in your system BIOS. Another step that can sometimes resolve flakey problems is to do a cold reset on the printer by holding down the ONLINE button while you power the printer on, and then reset your operating parameters. If nothing is working and the printer worked just fine on another computer, then you probably have a problem with your parallel port.
If you had problems getting the printer to work properly on another computer, then you may have a formatter board problem.

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Despite what 'Gtrist' wrote, I still think that OLDGREYGUY is correct.
jrhelgesonSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Have you tried printing a self test page from the printer itself?
Disconnect the printer cable from the printer, and see if you can't print out a self test page.
One thing you might want to try is to turn the printer on while holding down the "ON LINE" button.  The printer will display "08 COLD RESET".  That resets the printer to factory default configuration and if it is a printer problem with configuration that will take care of it.

When did this printer quit working?

Let me know,
have you checked bilateral communication on LPT1 (some computers doesn't have)


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I work in an office full of laserjet 4's. This error typically pops up when a new computer is installed. Usually It gets fixed one of two ways. I go into the bios and put the LPT port in another mode such as normal as opposed to EPP+ECP. I will fool with the modes until it stops. Sometimes this is an occasinal erorr that just requires being turned off and on. And more than often I just have to make sure the printer cable is firmly in place.

Gtrist is on the right path here, it definitely isn't a driver issue, since HP laserjet is a driver that has been included since windows 95, and the problem is one the display of the printer, you can make a laserjet 4 print paper with a laserjet 5 driver, you just won't be able to read what it prints out......
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