Setting up a webserver with Windows98 =)

 How do you go about setting up a Web Server on Windows98.
and How would I go about making my URL something like or (Just as an example).  Do I have to change an IP?,  what goes into getting a url such as setting up a server   and such.  I'm on an ADSL modem and i'd just like more information into what goes on into webhosting and such
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stefanxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install Personal Webserver on your machine. You'll find it on your Windows98 CD under add-ons\pws

You will be able to access pages server by this server at the address where is your IP Address. To get an address tied to your machine, you need to set up a primary and secondary DNS Server to answer for the domain and then register your domain name with internic. One of the records in you DNS zone files should state :  IN A

It's probably not worth your while to set up the DNS Servers, so get any ISP to register and carry the zone files for you.

Of course, all this is only valid if your IP address is fixed. You say you are on an ADSL modem - is it permanently connected with a static IP Address or not ?
infiniteloopAuthor Commented:
 Thanks!, Would you mind supplying some links to websites that provide more info on Web Serving and Networking info like DNS and such.

Again thank you.
  and no the ADSL modem doesn't have a static IP it's dynamic =(.  but it changes from month to month.  I've also heard about a program called dynamic ip and i'm about to give it a try.

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