Access View Class objects from Mainframe Window Class

How to access View class objects from CMainFrame class?
I my View class is based on CFormView.

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josekvAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
CView *pView = NULL;
CMainFrame *pFrame;

pView = pFrame->GetActiveView ();

Now you canmake calls to access memebrs of your view. Just cast the CView pointer to the view class of your document.

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josekvAuthor Commented:
Thanks  naveenkohli.

Since I need to access the View objects from my MainFrame
class, is it possible to use the 'this' pointer instead
of the following code?

>>CMainFrame *pFrame;

>>pView = pFrame->GetActiveView ();

Here, how to initialize the *pFrame with  the address of the MainFrame object?

>>pView = pFrame->GetActiveView (); At this point of time
pFrame-> does not contain any valid address.

thanks again...


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You can always get to the active frame of you application.

CWnd *pMainWnd = AfxGetMainWnd ();

CFrameWnd *pFrameWnd = static_cast<CFrameWnd *>(pMainWnd)->GetActiveFrame ();

CView *pView = pFrameWnd->GetActiveView ();

From your frame class you can call GetActiveView. but make sure that the pointer you get back is valid because it may not have been created or is invalid.
josekvAuthor Commented:
Thanks Naveen. It works fine.

>>CFrameWnd *pFrameWnd = static_cast<CFrameWnd *>(pMainWnd)->GetActiveFrame ();

In this line I did not understand the construction
"  static_cast<CframeWnd *> " looks similar to a template
definition. What does it actually mean!!!????

I request u to spend couple of miniutes more for me.

Any case I am awarding the points.

Thanks again..

The static_cast operator can be used for operations such as converting a pointer to a base class to a pointer to a derived class.
This is one of the casting operators. SInce pMainWnd is pointer to CWnd, which is base class, therefore we had to cast this pointer to CMainFrame. You could have used the old C style casting like
(CMainFrame *)pMainWnd
But its recommended to choose the new casting operators so that type safety is checked.
I would suggest that you read the documanetation for these new casting operators


josekvAuthor Commented:
Very helpful infact.
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