How to upgrade from RH 5.2 to 6.0

I have downloaded the upgrade RPM's from the Red Hat web site.  Can someone tell me how to upgrade the Kernal and all of the other RPM's.  What order should they be installed in.  

Also, please be aware that I boot from a floppy.

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lavatechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It sounds like you've already sorted the problem out, but here's an answer anyway.

Simply create a RH 6 install floppy (available as an image from the install directory). Boot from this floppy and when prompted to install or upgrade, select upgrade. The rest should be trivial if you have the rpms on your local hard drive.
Did you get the rpm:s in the upgrade folder?
If you did I think they are the ones needed for switching to the latest kernel and not for upgrading the entire system.

To uppgrade from RH5.2 to RH6.0 I think you need all the rpm:s in the RPMS folder of the RH6.0 folder.
Thus making the easiest way to uppgrade, buying a CD.
dmontgomAuthor Commented:
Actually, what I did was just ending up downloading the whole RH6 files to my hardrive in my win98 partition.  Installing from the hardrive was very easy.  Can you please post an answer so I can grade.  I accidently put this question in Unix when it should have been in Linux.

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