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How can I attach a ToolTip to a Button in VC++5.0.
Its not a ToolBar....
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SlartiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the online help (slightly modified):

To create and manipulate a CToolTipCtrl:

1.Construct the CToolTipCtrl object.
2.Call CToolTipCtrl::Create to create the Windows tool tip common control and attach it to the CToolTipCtrl object.
3.Call CToolTipCtrl::AddTool to register a tool with the tool tip control, so that the information stored in the tool tip is displayed when the cursor is on the tool.

The above should do it, but just fyi, here is some more stuff you can do with the tooltip control:

4.Call CToolTipCtrl::SetToolInfo to set the information that a tool tip maintains for a tool.
5.Call CToolTipCtrl::SetToolRect to set a new bounding rectangle for a tool.
6.Call CToolTipCtrl::HitTest to test a point to determine whether it is within the bounding rectangle of the given tool and, if so, retrieve information about the tool.
7.Call CToolTipCtrl::GetToolCount to retrieve a count of the tools registered with the tool tip control.

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