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Newbie: Using Java.awt in VJ++6.0

Newbie question:  I have started using MS VJ6.0 and I find myself getting the WFC controls shoved in my face and down my throat.  How can I select which control set I wish to use eg:  Java.awt, swing or our own custom set?  I would ideally like to drag a few classes onto a Toolbox and then drag those new controls back onto a form.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

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robertod031297Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
As far as visual components are concered, each company will try to puch there own version over evryone elses.

MS is particularly guily of this since they want to control the Jav standard and make it a Windows only stantard :-)

With JBuilder, VisualAge, etc. You generaly fet to choose what visual components to use on the GUI generatosrs, not so with MS.

I haven´t used J++ since I tested when it came out so I cannot vouch for this in the current version, but back when (which was before swing came out) you could not generate a GUI using non AFC classes on the IDE.

You could compile them and dbug them, you just couldn´t use the design tools for them.

I assume that the situation has not changed. But since I don´t know for sure, I am posting as a comment.

Regarding how you can use swing or your own classes, its rather complicated.

First, you need to download suns Java plugin to insure that you have RMI (MS uses COM), JNI (MS uses OLE), Swing (MS uses AFC) and Beans (MS uses ActiveX).

You will then have to load the class libs for the JDK for whichever of the above packages you decide to use. The best way is to simply download the full Sun JDK.

You then have to configure J++ to use the downloaded packages in the CLASSPATH or to use Suns JDK as the compiler instead of Visual J++.

To be able to design the interface, you need to download one of the free or inexpesive IDE's, such as Netbeans or Kawa and let these, instead of J++ handle all GUI releated code generation.

In the end, if you need cross platform capability or non AFC controls, you end up dumping visual J++ and devoloping on another IDE.
You cannot use the visual tools to generate Swing or AWT controls.  If you're using Visual J++, you must either code your interface by hand or put up with the WFC.

robertod031297Author Commented:
I'm really suprised that MS have made is so difficult to use AWT, Swing or whatever else.  Usually they push their own standard in your face but leave a back door for you to configure whatever you wish to use yourself.  

Thanks for your really detailed comment JPK.


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