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How can I get into a computer that for some youngs kids have been messing around and now it is asking me everytime I started it for a password and no matter what I put there it is not the rught one.
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wilkofjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, if they're small kids you could start by offering a big tub of ice cream or candy, but if that doesnt work... if you have the if you have a start-up CD-ROM you can start up off of that and then trash the password program and it's extentions and control panels.  First however, I would try to simply try to start-up and holding down the shift key, which will disable al the extentions, but if it's a good password program it will still ask you for the password. If all that fails I would contact the company that wrote the software and ask them if there are any special things you can do to override the program.  After you fix the problem put one of your own on to keep the kiddies off:)
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