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New HD temptation

I currently use PC with iwill motherboard and 166 MHz Pentium MMX. Motherboard has built in Adaptec wide SCSI board and I run two SCSI hard discs (2.1 & 1.0 GB). Board has also Enhanced IDE drive from which I run CD ROM device as a slave. I have 64 MB of RAM.

I obviously can use more (much more) HD space and here is my temptation to buy an IDE drive, which are considerably cheaper than SCSI high capacity drives. I am being told, however, that mixing these two types is not generally rewarding (installation difficulties, slower speed, etc.). I would use my existing SCSI drives to boot and run many operations while IDE would be used mainly for storage of graphics, non essential programs, etc. If you reccomend this transaction, I plan to get myself a HD between 10 to 18 GB, which in SCSI version is kind of my reach.

Thank you,


1 Solution
Since your EIDE card can hold a couple of extra IDE devices and it's already in and configured properly, I don't see why you couldn't hook the IDE harddrive to it and not have any problems...you just need to make sure you have an extra IRQ available for it.

In my monster system, I have 2 IDE drives plus a hot-swap IDE drive, and two SCSI drives, plus a SCSI Zip plus a SCSI hot-swap.  No problems, no apparent hit in performance.  Go for it!  Just remember that IDE access is slower than SCSI access, and put the Windows swap file on a separate drive from the Windows directory.
> installation difficulties,

Only two that I can think of:
(1) your BIOS may try to boot from an IDE drive,
if it finds one, rather than booting from your SCSI drive.
Check your BIOS-setup, to ensure that it can be told
to boot from SCSI, rather than from 'C:'.
(2) drive-letters may change -- Windows currently assigns
'C:' to your first SCSI drive; adding an IDE drive
may assign 'C:' to the IDE.

> slower speed ..

Lower price, and slower speed, unless you have a recent
motherboard, with UDMA/33 or UDMA/66 support,
and you purchase a UDMA/33 or UDMA/66 drive.
olemuleAuthor Commented:
Thanks to Toni and all of you for excellent advice and encourangemet. I think that I'll go for it.


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