How to increase telnet ports?

I have problem on DEC OSF 4.0E system whereby after certain number of users telnet into the system, further telnet session will get error says that no more netwrok ports available. I am new to unix administration and am sure there is some where the number of telnet session can be specify but do not know where.
Appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction.
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bedotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
above, part of result of the manual of the daemon telnetd:
      The following diagnostic messages are displayed by telnetd:

           All ptys on remote host in use

                The server was unable to obtain a pseudo-terminal for use
                with the login process.  Either all pseudo-terminals were in
                use or the pty driver has not been properly set up (see

                Next step: Check the pty configuration of the host where
                telnetd is executing.

... "

ganslAuthor Commented:
I found the setting of maxusers=48 in the file /sys/conf/"hostname". I think this has restricted the total no. of logon users to be 48, which is when I start having problem logging in.

Thanks for the response anyway.
ganslAuthor Commented:
Problem solved.
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