How do i upload sql server tables to my webserver

I have roughly about 200 tables in a database on my sql server. Now i have to upload it to my web-server. They have given me the username, passowrd and location of the sql server database on their computer (which is not on the webserver). I am using viusal interdev and would appreciate if someone could tell me how i should go about doing it. thanks
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mativareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Tables cannot live outside database structure alone,  sometimes you could link them to another database. If you are using some of Microsoft web servers
it is easy to put data from databases dynamicly to web using ASP
Interdev creates ASP automaticly(wizards). You need to set up ODBC Data
Source first. In control panel you have ODBC applet , it can create data
sources using wizard. If you do not have SQL server ODBC driver you
need do download it from Microsoft site. Having ODBC DSN set up you can go
forward and use Interdev, it asks you DSN  sooner or later.
Good luck.

tonytparkAuthor Commented:
I will need a little more help as i am completely new to this thing. let me go back a little.

awright this is what i am trying to do...
1) i have my sql server on my nt machine which is also the webserver running iis. lets call this machine-Homewebserver
2) i have interdev on another machine in the network...lets call it-clientmachine.
3) i connect to the internet using a proxy which is on another machine- proxy server (stricly http and ftp)

4) now my webserver is somewhere in baltimore and i will have to connect to it remotely over the internet. from what i have been told by the web-hosting company is that my database is not on the webserver but another machine. they have given me the sql database path (something like
e:\data\sql\myname) and also my dsn name which is- tony (that is all the info i have...should i ask for more info...if yes, what should it be?)

now can you please tell me in this maze of computers how and what should i do sequentially...this is the first time i am doing it.
You have everything you want
Database can be "outside" web server, DNS is pointer do it
Start to develop your ASP with Interdev and then in order to test them you need to FTP them to Web server. Your web server folder has property
to run script, ask this to set ENABLED
Good luck
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