Printing mutiple images in a Form letter.

I am using:
Printer.PaintPicture Picture1.Picture, lngXCoor, lngYCoor
for the first image, but what about the second? I place:
Printer.PaintPicture Picture2.Picture, lngXCoor, lngYCoor at the bottom of the code and it seems to print at the top of the paper. I know there is the chance that the image is looping to the top because of size restrictions on paper size, but there is text under where the second image should be displayed, yet it still prints next to the first image. Any help would be great. This is not a school program, I have read threads all night.
Thank You So Much,
Corey Romero
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mark2150Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ummm, position of the statements is NOT the same as the position of the co-ordinates. You specified the SAME co-ordinates for both .PaintPicture statements, and they overlap. Change your lngYCoor to a different values and they should move around. As a test use 0,0 for your first image and 0,printer.height/2 for the second and you should get two to the page.


FreeRideAuthor Commented:
Thank You for your help and sorry for the delay, this is the first time using this board.
No prob. Welcome to E-E!

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