C Bulder ver 1 component problem

I am writing my first component in C Builder Ver1 in which i have written number of functions(of a class) and they were working fine.Then i added two more functions in the public section of the component class declaration and reinstalled the component and the component installed fine.But  when i use the two new functions in an application  i am getting the following error
Linker error Unresolved external (name of the function etc etc )

The funny part is I have checked the functions thoroughly and there is absolutely no typo errors at all.Is there a limit as to the number of public functions that can be added to a component class declaration or is there any thing else which i ought to know?
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Laminamia063099Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This most probably means that your function declaration is fine in your *.h file, but the definition in your source file (.cpp) isn't exactly the same.  After checking that, if it doesn't fix the problem, make sure that you have added the *.cpp to your project.  (Look under view->project manager to see if the .cpp file is added to your project.)
venksAuthor Commented:
Dear : Laminamia
Anytime! :)

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