Error 429 on some machines

I have a small program, written in VB5 that reads some file-information using the FileSystemObject.
I use the VB5 Installation Assistant.
On 2 of my 6 test-computers I get the run-time error 429 ("ActiveX cannot create this object") - presumably when the programm creates the FileSystemObject - on the others no problem.
Its not the WindowsNT Version or SP Version, I have tried that.
Any suggestions?
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MirkwoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download Filemon or NTFilemon from
Start Filemon and now run the application that gives the error.
Filemon will show a trace. In this trace it will also show you which
file failed to open. That's the one you are missing.

Filemon can be redirected in a dos box using filemon > output.txt

Copy the missing files and register them if needed with regsvr32.exe in case of DLL/OCX files

It can also be that you have the wrong version.
In that case download ProcessViewer from
This application shows the Modules as in use by a process. Compare the situation in which it does work with the situation in which it does not work. Goto your application and choose modules from the context menu. Copy and register the different DLL.

ewinterAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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