Microsoft Fax won't fax

This is what I have done:
Removed Microsoft Fax and Windows Messaging.
Reinstalled them from my hard drive (Windows 95 came pre-installed on my Compaq Presario).
I then downloaded and installed the following from Microsoft’s Web site;
Fax Update, it “corrects a problem where Microsoft Fax disables the cover page options when sending a fax using Windows Messaging”
and Exchange Update.

This is what happened:
Nothing!  It still disables the cover page options.  It then sends the message to the Outbox but won’t send the fax.  When I try to delete messages from the Outbox, I get an error message that says “The command you specified could not be carried out.  The MAPI spooler has already begun transmitting the message”--but of course nothing is happening.  Then sometimes Microsoft Exchange (Windows Messaging) stops responding.
By the way, I have used the fax program successfully many times before.  The problem has just recently started.
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rjhawkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Print these instructions first ;)

Well you dont mention what kind of modem you have, so I will assume its not a win-modem. Do you hear it dialing for regular dialup networking? If so, you can try a third party software like Quicklink. It is a crummy fax program, but it might prove that its the microsoft stack that is mucked up, and not the fax-modem itself.

You mention that it worked previously? when did you notice the change? had you installed anything recently?

When you removed the fax software, did you remove it and then imediately re-install? If so, remove it, reboot once to make sure its all gone, and then again to make sure it is a clean boot. reinstall the fax software, and then reboot again. If you get any messages about older files, you should probably replace them, its probably a corrupted DLL or a mis-linked registry entry.

If your still having trouble after all of that, you can try the following, but unless you feel comfortable working with hardware dont try it and get someone who does.

Goto the system control panel,
  Click on the hardware profile tab,
    Click Copy,
      Give it a name like <fax-test>.

Reboot the system,
  When 95 comes up it will as for which hardware
  profile to use,
    Select <fax-test> (number 2 probably).

Once its up, remove the Fax SW,
  Remove the modem drivers.
    Shutdown 95 and remove the modem card.

Reboot, selecting <fax-test> each time.
  Shutdown, and reinstall the fax-modem.
    reinstall the drivers when prompted for the modem.

Reboot, install the fax software,
  Reboot and test the fax.

Its long and drawn out, but its the best way Ive found to make sure everything went in clean. Try the other things first, and if you dont feel comfortable about any series of steps, stop and get a pro, you can mess up MS's operating system far too easilly.

I have Microsoft fax set up as a printer on my puter, when I want to send a fax from where ever (word, notepad, scanned image, ect) I just click on print, then change from default printer to Microsoft Fax and the program opens for me to input the number to dial, cover page if wanted, then it sends just like printing it out.
c42jesAuthor Commented:
rayt333's comments above do not answer the question.
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When you want to sent a fax from MS-Word (Or other Windows 96?NT applictions) you can select "Microsoft Fax" in your printwidow. (select microsoft fax as printer)
Why did you post my comments as an answer??? that isn't the way we work here, that is very unprofessional, and besides c42jes already said that didn't work. Don't you even bother to read the comments before you jump in and post an answer???
c42jesAuthor Commented:
Bastaard did not mean for this to be an answer.  He realized I had already been sent this comment before.
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