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i am new to linux. i want to set up a ppp connection to use the internet. i have played around in linconf a little and even got the modem to dial out one time but it didn't do anything. i also tried using the kde kppp program but it wont dial out because it says the modem is either busy or cant respond. I dont know what to do.

thank you for any help
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darnison062499Connect With a Mentor Commented:

First thing you need to do is recompile your kernel with PPP support (assuming PPP) either built in or a loadable module.  To do this install the kernel source and read the README file (less README).  It will tell you about recompiling your kernel.

Now your need to get Robert Hart's PPP-HOWTO (I beleive it comes with RH),  with this how-to are 3 usefull shel scripts, (PPP-ON, PPP-ON-DIALER, and PPP-OFF), Put these scripts into /etc/ppp and edit PPP-ON and PPP-ON-DIALER for you own ISP's settings.  (This step is assuming you don't already have these files in /etc/ppp)

Now install pppd off the RH cd (I don't know the RPM name).
(assuming it is not installed)

Make all three shell scripts executable "chmod +x /etc/ppp/PPP*"

Ensure you are logged on as root, and type "./etc/ppp/PPP-ON", your modem should dial your ISP and log on.

NOTE:You must be logged on as root to use PPP.
spatAuthor Commented:
also, when i set up the connection, do i have to do anything to netscape to make it browse?
please post result of:
  ls -l /dev/{modem,ttyS0,ttyS1,cua0,cua1}
which port is the modem connected to?
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spatAuthor Commented:
my modem is currently connected to ttyS0
Are you using a Winmodem?
Normally the winmodems that linux recognize do not work and say that the port is busy.
spatAuthor Commented:
i dont think im using a winmodem. I have a supra 336i Sp Intl
try using the utility wvdial... its pretty much a painless process using this program
spatAuthor Commented:
sorry for the delay, thanks a lot
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