spell checker in a cgi program

we have a webase email system and we are looking for a way to allow the users to spell check there email before it is sent. Is there a libuary out there that can do this.  It needs to suguest words for a misspell word.
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GP1628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The only thing I can think of is to pipe it thru spell on a unix (you didnt mention what system this was on).
Not ispell since that is meant to be used interactive. It waits for you to select a corrected spelling choice on every bad word it finds.

If your doing frames, I would create a small sidebar frame. WHen the person asks for a spell-checking then pipe their stuff thru spell and display it in the side window next to their message.

As for the web based email's spelling check, you can not want the client side has any dictionary, or spelling check function.
What you need to do is sending the whole text, which need for spelling check to server. On the server, you need to run a CGI program, which check the all the words, then send back the results.
As to the server side spelling, it can be some modify from GNU's ispell program. This program has source code, you can take look at it.
there are spellinng check modules in the perl archives

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