Is it worth Installing Win95 SR1?

Has anybody installed SR1 onto windows 95?  I am wondering if it is worth installing, if anyone has installed it have you noticed any performance increases/increased stability within Windows 95?Have you had any problems with it?  I am using Win 95 Version B with IE4.0
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How about if I will post this as a answer!

There is no big difference in Windows 95 performance when service patch 1 is installed. Some software needs the service patch installed as other dirvers wont recognized it. Just this morning, when I tried to installed the Client 32 for Windows95/98, it prompts me that the Windows I am using has old system driver installed, upon doing the service patch, modifying the Windows/System files, there it goes, it installed and no problem sought.

there is no windows 95b SR-1 as far as I am aware only IE 4.01a SR-1 and SR-2... if you do not have SR-1 for internet explorer, I would suggest installing it, it resolves security issues and caching problems.
Wow, wow, wait a minute.

There's three (four if you count OSR 2.5) of Windows 95. The original is 4.00.950. With OSR-1 (a.k.a. Service Pack 1) is 4.00.950a. Version B is 4.00.950B (also known as OSR2). Someone claimed there's a 4.00.950C, but I've never seen it.

So if you have version B, you do NOT need Win95 Service Pack 1.

This is COMPLETELY separate from the IE4 and its two service packs and interim releases.
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If it is a Service Pack, then it will fix some issues (you may not even know you had (smirk)). It may also fix some of the Y2K issues with Win95a, Microsoft has info on its site.

1. Concur with kschang that you don't need to install Service Pack 1, since you already have the 95B version.

2. As for 95C, it's out there. What it includes over 95B is USB support and IE4 on the install CD-ROM.
If you want to really get into the ins and outs of file updates for Windows 9X, go to
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