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Hi, it may be one of the FAQ around.
First I have built my private network which is using Linux as gateway (, and I have configured other workstation to telnet, ftp and browse the web server which already built into my linux. Then I want to go a bit more in which I want to hook up with my ISP. I have setup the ppp link that I have no problem with browsing, telnetting or doing Ftp. The ppp link is a normal ppp link and the ip addresses/netmask are in dynamic format. However went I use other workstation (which is inside my private network, e.g. which is using windows98), I cannot ping/telnet/ftp/browse anywhere else except my Linux box, that means my Linux box does not route any packet to any workstation inside my private network. So how to enable my Linux box to route packet that is requested by other workstation?

P.S before ppp link fire up the routing table has 2 entry one for localhost and the other one is for my private network. After ppp link has fired up, the routing table has 4 entry, in which 2 of them is the same as above, and the other 2 are for the ppp0.

Thank you very much
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SkjeldalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have to install IPChains or IPmasqurading, depending on what kernel you are running. If you are running kernel 2.2.x you will have to use Ipchains. and 2.0.xx you will have to use Ipmasqurading.
If you want to know more about IPchains or IPmasqurading, there is alot of howtos ..
then after you have got the IPchanins/masqurading running, you will have to put your server (router) as a Gateway, and put in the nameservers for your dialup in the DNS Configuration.
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