Use activex DTPicker in .asp page

I am using InterDev6.0 to create an .asp page.  I need help using the activex component DTPicker (the drop down calendar that came with InterDev).  So far this is what I have done:
I created an .asp page in my web project.  I right clicked the toolbox and selected 'Customize Toolbox.'  In 'Customize Toolbox' I selected 'activex controls' tab.  I checked the box in front of 'Microsoft Date and Time Control Picker, version 6.0.' After the DTPicker was added to the 'activex controls' tray in the InterDev 'Toolbox,' I double clicked it to add it to my .asp page.  
The problem is:
I can only view the DTPicker when browsing my web site from my development system (my development system is a separate computer from my web server.) I can not see DTPicker when viewing my web page from any other computer.  
I think the problem might be:
I need to register the activex component with my web server and/or there are other steps I need to do to make DTPicker work from the web server.  
I would appreciate any help about using DTPicker. Thanks.  
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petseAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Are you using <Object ID=myobject RUNAT=server ...> to initialize the ActiveX component?
is the dtpicker a graphical calendary thing, that appears on a webpage? if not ignore me....

can you run visible components server side?
i would assume if it was a graphical control it would have to run client side, and be donwloaded by the client in order to do so.
i would make sure it's registered with the webserver, so that it can locate it.
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Good point Billy, you can run most components serverside, but it is more advantagious to run client side.  Either way, the component must be either registered with the server, or <object>...
petseAuthor Commented:
Yes, I have tried to use RUNAT=server in the object tag.  But, I can't see dtpicker when browsing my web site, even from my development system.
Why is it more advantageous to have it run client side?  

How do you register dtpicker with the webserver?  
I have tried adding mscomct2.ocx(I believe this is dtpicker) to my interdev web project.  Then right clicking that file and selecting properties.  From properties I have selected the component installation tab.  Then I have checked both the register on server and register on client check boxes. It still doesn't work, though. Is there a step I am missing?
Try packaging it to a cab,register it and send it as a cab to the web client.
all the best
You may have noticed that it runs on any machine that has VB or C++ or the like installed The DTPicker is a licenced control, therefore you must also include the license with your CAB for it to run on a non-development machine. You can get the CABs from the Microsoft site.

We struggled with this for a couple weeks before finally finding it.

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petseAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info!
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