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Hi. I need to create a help file (*.hlp) as soon as possible. I've created a RTF file already with bitmap in it with Wordpad. But I don't know how to make a help file with Microsoft Help Workshop. Can you show me the way setp-by-step easily and quickly ?

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Here are some guidelines : (Assuming this is the NEW help system, for Win95)
1. In your RTF file, you must enter some FOOTNOTES :
   - # is the Topic ID (Unique Identifier)
   - $ Is the title name
These two you must put in every Page!
  - K is a Keyword footnote. When the user will click on 'index' he will see those keywords...

2. Now create a new Contents File (WHen you run the Microsoft Help Workshop, you'll have the option to create one). In the contents you have 'headings' and 'topics'. Topics are just help pages (One page) and the Heading is like the small 'books' (Yuu see  them on help files) that contain several Topics.
First of all, If you have only one RTF file it's easy. Simple write it as the 'default file name' (UP there in the top left of the screen). Then start to add topics (And headers if you want). By pressing 'add above' or 'add below'. In each topic, write the Title (That's the name of the topic as it will be shown in the help file) and the Topic ID is the # footnote you inserted in the RTF File.
So this part is easy, right?
Now, you must creat the project file:
3. Open the help workshop and create a new project file. Click on 'Options', and put all the relevent stuff here - The CNT (Contents file), and the name of the help file and all that. You must also point it to the RTF File of yours. DOn't use compression just yet (Only when you finish, because it makes the compiling very slow. Just use it on the final version). You can also generate a full text search (FTS, I think it's called). But let's leave that for a minute.
After that, you can test your file. It's actually quite easy. Just remember to compress the final file (Because the Bitmap will take a lot of place).
This is it. There are many more options (Creating windows, and stuff like that). But for the fastest help, this is the way to go.

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WeinAuthor Commented:
Can you create an example help project?

Can you give me its *.hpj, *.cnt and *.rtf ?

Thanx very much. I raised the points.

WeinAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah, by the way, if you need to send the files by e-mail, my address is trustno1wei@hotmail.com
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Okay. I send you a file I made for a project, it's called 'The Dictator' (It's a freeware, ad supported). So I send you the Files.
Notice there are several files (.GDS and .FTS for the Text search).
WeinAuthor Commented:
sorry, I don't know why, I tried to download the attachment of hotmail but it always cut the file.

So, do you have it on web? on a website?

if not, can you try again on chiwein@yahoo.com

thank you.

i'm really sorry.

my connection is slow too. hehe


WeinAuthor Commented:
can you try to reduce the amount of data to send. thank you
Can you post here?
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