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RAM and speed

How much does the amount of RAM affect the speed of a PC?
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Nowadays 64M is 'minimum'. Difference between 32 and 64 Mb is very noticable, thoug this also depends on how you use the computer. You'll be happy with 8 Mb if your only running WordPad. 64 Mb is hardly sufficient for Photoshop.
You have to look at it in perspective, the more powerful the program the more processing power you need. All programs are held in memory or processed at some point in memory. The more memory the less work for the processor. Instead of it having to look at the hard drive it can go to memory where the program is stored to get it's information and since memory is faster, processing is faster. Some times though you have to be careful because too much memory can become a burden. It may seem that your computer doesn't move any faster with 64mb of memory compared to 32mb but it depends on the programs resourcefulness to use the resources that it has available. Like mentioned before, you don't need very much memory for word processing but if your manipulating large graphic files you will notice a severe difference when processing them.
If there is anything else you would like to know, please don't hesitate to ask.

mikecr's pretty much covered everything. The answer depends on your O/S and what apps do you run. I think Micron's Crucial.com have a calculator that tells you how much memory you should get by having you answer a few question.
(after a look at www.crucial.com) Bear in mind that crucial.com are trying to sell memory!!!!
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