creating dll's in vb for web use

i'm currently using asp to generated dynamic web pages and want to move toward dll's for use over the web.

can anyone suggest any beginner information regarding this

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moehlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
WROX press Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 has a chapter on developing components for ASP. I have found the key to developing DLLs is to make sure to include a reference to the Microsoft Transaction Server. After you compile, package, and install the DLL onto the server, add it as a new component to the Transaction Server on your IIS box.
if you find out let me know.  I created a really nice web app but cant seem to get the dll to be registered on the other computers even with the web application function of the setupkit
glenramseyAuthor Commented:
i don't know who accepted that answer but it certainly wasn't me!!

so after much surfing i found an excellent tutorial to creating a very simple component
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