Commercial use of delphi and DB's

I have a small computer firm in Denmark, we are about to develop a progam in Delphi using databases. There's just a few questions to be asked first.

Delphi 3 is out in a free version, but can u use that version commercially ?

What about DB's, do u need to get a licence to use them or are the DB's that comes with Delphi free of charge ?

If u need licences, then the question is how much do u need to pay ? We are interested in Paradox, dBase etc.
Or even better are there some free of charge DB's :)

Tue T√łnning
IT Konsulenterne I/S
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rwilson032697Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The free version of D3 is unlikely to permit commercial software development.

You can ue any database you like so long as you have the drivers for it. As for Paradox, dBase and similar Delphi comes with native drivers for these formats and there are no royalties to pay to use them.

If you want to know about other databases and formats just yell!


tmtdkAuthor Commented:
what about the use of MS Access Databases ?? any royalty ?
Delhi v4 comes with a native Access driver so you don't need to install Access to use access databases so no royalty!

There are also third party components which provide Access database supprot at the DAO level...



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