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IP Routing and RAS

How can I setup my network to do this:
I have 2 LANs. Each one works PERFECTLY.
They are:
-about 10 computers (all WinNT 4 server)
-using TCPIP with static addresses.Every computer can PING each other.
- Using class C IP addresses: 192.50.51.X MASK
   where X are 1,2,3,4...
- The computer has a ISDN card( let's say Gateway computer A). works OK

LAN B: the same (but in other town)
- IP addresses: 192.50.52.X
- the has a ISND card.(gateway computer B)

THE PROBLEM: I want to connect the 2 LANs. I've setup RAS in the computers with ISND. I can connect the LANs in this way: From ISDN(LAN A), a call to ISDN(LAN B). The conection looks OK. From Gateway computer A I can ping all LAN B computers. And I can browse LAN B.
When On line, the computer Gateway computer A has two IP:  LAN A adapter  ISDN adapter (only while conection)
and in LAN B : the gateway computer B: LAN B adapter ISND adapter (only while conection)
Well, as said, from gateway computer A, I can see all LAN B. But I WANT TO SEE LAN B FROM ANY LAN A COMPUTER.
I try to PING, but I dont get it. ROUTE tables (route print) seems OK, routing is active in gateway computers.
What am I doing wrong?
Is it a routing problem?
Is it an addressing problem?
PLEASE HELP, this must be easy!

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Pls post the output of route print
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Yes, this must be easy!

You are using RAS to connect two LANs together, which is not supported with the original RAS services of NT server. You should download RRAS from MS site, or just install Option Pack 4 which already includes RRAS. SP4/OP4 will update the original RAS with new version that supports what you want.

Of course, you can do it manually without any updated RRAS or OP4, but it is not recommended since it needs to manually modify NT registry.

For more information, please read MSKB Q121877:

Using RAS for Routing of IP Packets
cmv2Author Commented:
I'll try that. If it works,i'll give you the points.
Is this a Windows bug or that version didnĀ“t support it.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
That's not a bug, the original version only supports RAS as an one to LAN solution. OP4 changes it as LAN to LAN.
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