How to call data control ocx which is there in vb
and how to use that control in lotusnotes

If you are working in vb how to dump the values from vb into
lotusnotes documents
please help me out
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ghassan99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is an example from the book, to copy a field from a document and put its value in another fields in another document. u can modify it for your use.  I suggest u check this book, its a GREAT free book from Lotus:

Dim session As Object
Dim db As Object
Dim view As Object
Dim doc_src As Object
Dim doc_dest As Object
Dim item As Object
Set session = CreateObject("notes.notessession")
Set db = session.GetDatabase("", "test.nsf")
Set view = db.GetView("By Author")
Set doc_src = view.GetFirstDocument()
Set doc_dest = view.GetNextDocument(doc_src)
Set item = doc_src.GetFirstItem("Subject")
Call item.CopyItemToDocument(doc_dest, "Subject")
Call item.Remove
Call doc_src.Save(True, False)
Call doc_dest.Save(True, False)
Set session = Nothing
u can use embedded objects, or put an activeX in an RTF.  There is a good book in www.lotus.com/redbooks called 'lotus script for visual basic programmers' I think it might be of help.
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