Memory(RAM) upgradation.

I am using operating system "Linux Red Hat Linux release 5.1 (Manhattan) kernel 2.0.34 on an i686" and Oracle version "Oracle - Release". It is a new install of Oracle that I am just  developing on. I am using Pentium for 20 users.

Due to slow server response, I upgraded my memory(RAM) from 64 MB to 128 MB. When I am switching my computer on, the system shows 128 MB scanning correctly. But when it goes for LINUX, and I use 'top' command to check the system performance, it shows 64 MB only.

Am I supposed to do some other setting or change in configuration file ?
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gunny051499Connect With a Mentor Commented:
kernels older then 2.2.x do not automaticaly recognize more than 64 MB ram. if you want to have it this way, either switch to a more actual kernel (any of the 2.2.x series, possibly 2.2.10) or give lilo the option [append="mem=128m"] to pass to your kernel.
In case you don't know, that "command" must go in /etc/lilo.conf under the current boot image.  I had the same problem when I upgraded from 32 to 96MB (it only saw 32MB).  I saved my points by searching earlier questions.
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