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BackUp Hardware for my Pent III 500 22GigHD?

Spent a lot of money for my Dell Pent III500. Have 22 Gig HDrive Partitioned into C D E and F is my Swap file. Want to buy a Jazz or Shark or ??? USB External Hard Drive to back up my Machine. Also need the name of a Program to use with this new External Back up that is easy to use, since I will be backing up often. Also easy to use in case it ever has to be used to reinstall everything. Ghost is great I hear, but is DOS based and seems complicated?? Any suggestions before I go out and spend 2-300 dollars$ on Hardware and software...<smile>       Thanks dondia :)
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For software if you are using Windows 98 you can use the backup program in accesories, is the first time that MS givet a good backup program in Windows. It can compress and if your system crash you can restore it just installing a new Win98 (20-30 min) and using the backup program again.

The backup software it comes also with Windows 2000.

But for the amount of disk space you own i think the only cheap solution is using tape backup, because an external HDD is just one device and if your computer crash during a backup you can lost everything, but tapes you can have more than one, you just need to leave your computer backing up during the night.
But if you prefer to use a HDD, maybe it's better to buy an internal one, i don't see any difference between this and the external.
If you need you can disable the disk from BIOS and just connect when you are going to backup.
Hi Dondia, glad to see you've got everything up and running...It's been a while ;o).

Here's the easiest way. First, don't go for either a zip or anything similar. They're nice but entirely inadequate based on your previous posts. Pickup a new hard drive along with a swap tray. The drive (12-15g) should go for about $200, and the trays are about $50. Now invest in Powerquests DriveImage. Yes, it to is dos based, but it is automated. From within windows it will boot itself into dos, image your entire hard drive, compress all of the files including partitions, into an image and store it to wherever you wish, in this case your removable hard drive.

If you lose any part of your system, insert the floppy and boot to it. You can then restore any part of the hard drive, from a set of files to all of your partitions.

As an example, if the entire drive goes down, you can put the new drive in right out of the box. DriveImage will recreate the partitions, format them and restore all of your files in one shot!

Questions? let me know!
For something that big, you need a DAT/DLT, but that's rather a hassle for personal use. Suggest you go with dew's suggestions instead.
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Dennis guided me to Powerquest's Drive Image.

It's on $69.00, and it's GREAT.

i'M CONSTANTLY trying new software and some of it will distroy your system.
really!!!  I had it happen yesterday.

All I had to do is boot to DriveImage, and restore.

Take Dennis's advice on this. It's the greatest safety net around.

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dondiaAuthor Commented:
Great dew. Just one more question (you know "I am Woman" and must always add something.... Can I buy a jazz Drive or another External Drive and do the same?...I prefer external, since I have never installed a Hard Drive myself...but the thought of it is very exciting to me, the way I love Computers... Can you recommend ($ up to $300)an External?  Thanks, and I heard that "DRIVE Image" was great. They really make good products. I used Partition Magic to partition my drive. So easy..By the way...using Norton System Works 5 months now, my only Utility. It has been berry berry good ....to me. Clip Mate also is a very good enhancement to the clipboard. Just a couple reviews. Thanks crojas, kschang, smeebud...and my guru dew... dondia :)
(you know "I am Woman" and must always add something....) No kidding really, I would never have known...<grin> j/k.

Okay, you apparently have your heart set on an external, however given the system you have, I think it will be more of a hassle for what you are getting. Let's look at the upside and downside.

If you use an external drive, your going to need to port to it, either parallel or serial. If parallel, you will need either another parallel port or you'll have to share your existing port. Aside from the performance hit your going to incur transferring files in this manner using this type connection, your going to have to find the largest possible DAT or DLT type external as noted by kschang above.

I understand that adding a drive may give you cause for concern, but if you plan out each step (and we'll help you), the process is a snap.

Another direction to consider is an external scsi hard drive. All you will need is a scsi card with an external connector, a ribbon cable, a drive housing an a drive. The cards are about $40, the cables are about $20, the housing is about $50, and the drive depends on size.

However, you can install a second drive into that system for under $200, and at worst you'll need a different ribbon cable.
dondiaAuthor Commented:
Whew...Thought an external hard drive would be easy and not sacrifice any of "Mothers" performance or resources. Have a DVD, Zip, and floppy. Wanted to upgrade my DVD, and add a RW CD ROM later. For me to add another Hard Drive right now though, because this is a new $$system and working so great thanks in part to Norton System Works, and my knowledge from teachers like you dew here at EE, just stresses me out. Try this dew....If I was your Sister and I said "Dennis, I must back up to an External Hard Drive, there are no other options on earth... Forget the cost$.  What would you suggest I buy!! ?"  I have no real brothers or sisters, so I am relying on you heavily dew!!  <grin> Thanks   dondia :)
Okay, here's exactly what I would do if faced with exactly what you have told me.

I would add a scsi card to the system, with both an internal and external ribbon cable connector. There's quite a few, but Adaptec is the standard and a 2940 will do nicely. Next, I would purchase an external hard drive housing with a scsi connector to match the connector and cable coming from the scsi card. Last, I would add a scsi hard drive, and there are quite a few that are available at heavily discounted prices on the internet. Frankly, I would stick with Seagate, IBM and Maxtor, but there are a couple of others that are pretty descent too.

Okay, what does this do for you. You won't have to do anything more than plug the scsi card into a PCI slot, close the cabinet and boot. The system will find the card and add the drivers.

Shut the system down, put the scsi drive into the external box, attach the ribbon cable and boot. Now just format that drive and your ready to go. Later, if you want, you can add a scsi based cd-rw in a snap, and you can even slide the hard drive out of the box after imaging the system and put it in a safe place.

If you need more on putting this all together, let me know!
dondiaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Den...Looking forward to this. May be a few months from now. Have to get the money and guts together...Will get back to you on the Formatting. Thanks for the great advice....Diane :)
Diane, when you have time, email me through Linda@experts-exchange.com and I'll send you some data on where to pick these things up without paying retail!
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