In forms on Do_key('List_values')

I have a text item which is associated to a LOV and in the trigger Key_Listval I wrote the code to handle the LOV. But the problem is I have a button on the same canvas and block for the When-Button-Pressed trigger I wrote
Do_key('List_Values'); but instead of raising the trigger I am getting an error "Field Doesnot Understand Operation". Why is it happening. It is happening when the cursor is in the text item I am pressing the button.

Any help is greatly apprciated.

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dslavinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In your WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger, you should first navigate to the text item, and then perform the DO_KEY operation.  Something like this:


The other possibility is that you can set the MOUSE NAVIGATE property of the button to FALSE. This is so when you press the button, you are not navigating to it, so that the cursor will remain at the text item and the LOV will work.
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