MPEG viewing error

On WIN98 when I try to run any Mpeg, I get this message box
No combination of filters could be found to render the stream. and all I can do is click on OK. I have media player installed and I un-Installed and Re-Installed it. Quicktime is in. What else?
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ScenicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have install the latest directx?
If you did then reinstall Quicktime.
Apparently Quicktime and MS media player have problems when loaded together.
If the above does not work then uninstall Quicktime.

robert44Author Commented:
Thank you Scenic.  I found a solution before i got this answer. BUT, you had the answer in the next step. I installed Xing (mpeg player) and it in turn checked my DirectX install and must have re-installed it or registered it again. The Mpeg's play Great. thanx for replying so fast.
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