Convert a Excel to comma deliminated text file

How is an excel spread sheet converted to a comma delimited text file. I have a software package to access credit bureau reports. Basically this is a fancy access database program. To speed up input and cut down on typing I can import comma delimited text files. Everyone sends me spreadsheets and I am having trouble with the conversion process.I do not need field names for the import.
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TriskelionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you file/Save As
Pick CSV
Change the name to {whatever}.Txt, the contents will still be CSV.
Hi kkeegler!

It's really very simple for Excel to convert to CSV (comma delimited) text file.

When are on the sheet you want to be converted to a CSV, simply click on File, Save as and from the Save as type pick CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) and follow along with Excel's process.

It's really very simple, unless you have specific CSV requirements, then it gets a little more trickey.

Hope this clears things up!

kkeeglerAuthor Commented:
You are absolutely right and I did know that but I really need to get the data into a file like note pad.
The program I am using will not accept the spreadsheet conversion to file type "CSV" for some reason. It will only accept ehe extension "txt". That is what is causing my problem. I am sorry I was not more precise.
kkeeglerAuthor Commented:
Isn't great when things are so simple you just overlook the obvious.
Thanks for the quick help.
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