(50 pts) Updating COMCTL32.DEP ?

I'm using Visual Basic 5.0 (SP3) and I also have Visual Basic 6.0 (SP3) installed on the same machine.  I don't use VB 6, I use VB 5... I keep VB 6 on just in case I need to open a VB 6 project.

Every time I'm finish a project in VB 5 and go to make a setup for it using the VB Setup Wizard (which I recently updated off Microsoft's site), it tells me that the dependancy file (.DEP) for COMCTL32.OCX is out of date.  I have copy of COMCTL32.DEP in my Win\Sys directory, but I guess it's for and older version of COMCTL32.OCX I guess.

My question is where can I get an updated COMCTL32.DEP ?  Is there a place on Microsoft's site or in their Knowledge Base where you can update .DEP files ?  The version of COMCTL32.OCX I'm using is : 6.00.8022

If you can point me to a URL that I can update my .DEP file, or if you can send me a copy of the .DEP file for 6.00.8022, I'll award you the 50 points.  It would be A LOT better if I could get a URL where I can update this because I can update it in the future if this ever happens again.

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HATCHET1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Closing Question - Answer Found
HATCHETAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Save your points.. Question was answered earlier today..
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I have the file if you need it.  I need your email address.
HATCHETAuthor Commented:

The question you pointed me to did not answer my question... just told information about dependancies that I already knew.

If you have the .DEP file for COMCTL32.OCX version 6.00.8022, then send it to HATCHET1998@hotmail.com

It would really be nice if I could get a URL for a site that I could get .DEP's from so I wouldn't get into the same mess in the future with different files.

HATCHETAuthor Commented:
I went out on my own and scoured the Microsoft web site... AS ALWAYS, it was the biggest pain in the butt!!  Microsoft's web site is like a Las Vegas casino!  Once you get in, the web sites are designed to be disorienting and confusing so you'll never find what you really want and you'll never find your way out!!!

Anyways, the following are really good URL's that I found:

http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q172/8/88.ASP - Dependancy Outdated

http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q198/0/52.ASP - Dependancy Outdated

http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q167/1/21.ASP - Comctl32.ocx Updated

http://support.microsoft.com/download/support/mslfiles/Comctlzp.exe - Comctl32.ocx & Comctl32.dep (VB5)

http://download.microsoft.com/msdownload/platformsdk/i386/iTOOLS.Exe - Dependancy Utility

HATCHETAuthor Commented:
The above URL's will fix the problem for VB 5.  After going thru Microsoft.com's site on this problem, it turns out that for VB 6, all you need to do is change the version infomration in the .DEP file.  A small bug on their part.  

Here's the URL :


Here's what you need to do to fix it :

Modify COMCT332.DEP using a text editor such as NotePad. The Version items within the [Version] and [Comct332.ocx] sections of COMCT332.DEP need to be updated to the following:


NOTE: COMCT332.DEP can be found in the Windows System directory.

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