Download Multiple files from CGI Site.

What is CGI, and how can I download Multiple files from a CGI site? I have been using GETRIGHT to download with, because it supports multiple files and RESUMEING. Is there any way to do this on a CGI site? Or any other program that can do it.
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stam061398Connect With a Mentor Commented:
> What is CGI

Well, CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface.
CGI is a program which runs at the web server, and it`s output is sent to your browser. Thus, it`s output may be html file, picture, and anything you may think of.
Some CGIs actually gives output which is files to d/l.

CGIs may be found at every normal site (depends on the configuration of the site).
In order to run a CGI you must know it`s url (as with any html file you want to get).
Normally, CGIs get parameters, which the user may fill in a screen he gets.

There are two methods to pass the parameters :
1. POST - the parameters are passed by the browser to the web-server, and they are not shown anywhere.
2. GET - the parameters are passed by "sticking" to the url of the CGI.
i.e.  :
is a url which calls the cgi named search on, and the parameter it gets is "p" with the value of "stam".

The CGI shall know how it gets the parameters (which methood is used), and so he handles them.
Some CGIs may handle the two methods with no problem.

In order to use GetRight to d/l the output of the cgi, you must know that the CGI can get the parameters in the GET method, and you must know the parameters to pass and the right value to give them.

You can not d/l the CGI itself, because it is invisible to the world. You can only d/l the output of it.

So, let`s say you want to d/l the output of using GetRight, you shall enter this url to GetRightb and let it d/l the output (which is a simple HTML file in this case).

Good luck,
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