AdvFS File Systems and broadband LANs

I have a DEC ALPHA 4100 server with 5 KZPSA SCSI cards and I have collected my disks into LSM volumes and AdvFS domains.  I have striped across all my controllers and I need to know if the bottleneck is my GIGIbit ethernet network or the disks.  Any ideas?
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You have filled up all your PCI slots. You must be aware that drawer have two PCI buses. Slots 0-3 are on first bus and rests are on second bus. This second bus has EISA bridge so you have three combination slots PCI/EISA. KZPSA has 20MB/s throughput and you can easily put 5 of them on the same PCI bus (if this could be possible on 4100). The bottleneck is not on PCI buses but you should try to put your network adapter on second bus and fill first bus with KZPSAs. Two remaining KZPSAs put on the second bus. Try to organize disks in a way that most frequently used reside on first KZPSAs. All this should help you but not much. The main problem is speed of your disk subsystem. This is fast-wide combination and for best performance you should try to switch to ultra-wide. Also your Gigabit adapter is so fast that it should be alone on the bus.
Are you connecting on a different SCSI card each disk? Do the cards connected in different SCSI slot of your server? How is the throughput for your cards (bit rate for data transfer)?
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