TRAS component

I want to connect to the internet via my program, I use Delphi 3 c/s, Win98.

I've TRAS component, with no help file. I use it to connect to the internet, but it stop in password authentification.
If some one have the same component please explain to me the easest use of that component, or If you have a good, simple, and FREE component please send it to my in a harry.
My TRAS component is written by some one I do not know his name but his e-mail is :
This component written for Delphi 2

Thanks in advance.
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jami55Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello motaz, on this page you have got free with source
application (RAS dialer). It use no component and it's
working, I try it myself.

Cheers jami
MotazAuthor Commented:
Thanks very mush
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