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7200/120 slower than usual

I have two 7200 that worked fine, I updated them to OS8.5.1 and now I noticed that they are much slower. I noticed it mostly while viewing quicktime movies which worked fine, but not are beyond choppy. It seems as if the drives have slowed down.
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Do you have virtual momory on? Have you run norton lately? Have you rebuilt your desktop database lately?
Hi, rmedia.

QuickTime is designed to work fastest in Thousands of Colors mode. Aside from turning off virtual memory, perhaps, try changing the monitor colors.

When updating Mac OS on a hard drive, it is likely that the disk has fragmentation since many files have been removed and overwritten. If you have a copy of Norton Speed Disk (part of Norton Utilities 4.0--DON'T use any older versions, and be sure to update it to 4.0.4), or TechTool Pro 2.1.1, you can use their optimization programs to improve drive speed.

See if that helps.  --KS
One other thing. Mac OS 8.5.1 takes up more RAM than previous OS versions. If you can, add more RAM to improve overall speed if you have less than 48MB installed on each.  --KS
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rmediaAuthor Commented:
Actual the machines have plenty of RAM and I did defrag them after the upgrade. One has a video card in it and the other is using onboard video set at 256-colors. It seems that it is not just Quicktime that is affected. The overall performance has been affected equally on both. They are not networked and do not share files of any sort. Arrrrrrrrrgggghhh!

When you installed 8.5.1, what did you have before that? 8.0, 7.5, etc.

 If you have the resources available (such as a separate large hard drive) I would recommend completely backing up your drive(s), and booting off the 8.5 CD, and formatting the disks for HFS+. Then, do a clean install of the system software, and copy your old files back. We have a 7200 at work, and this is what I ended up doing to it.
Kevspenser is right. MacOS 8.5 is very RAM and CPU hungary. I've got both a 366MHz G3 and a 200Mz PowerPC at work plus  a 7200 at home.  I  tried 8.51 on the 7200 and my 200MHz and it almost killed them. This new operating system needs well over 20MB to run alone, whereas 8.1 which I'm currently using on all but the G3 uses under 10MB of RAM. I've come to the conclusion, (for both Windows PCs and Macs) not to upgrade to the latest operating system on old hardware.( Old defined as 2 years or  more).  MacOs 8.5 and above is only for the latest G3 hardware. 8.6 is actually slower than 8.51, but does solve some  network and stability issues.  I'm very happy with 8.1.  Your biggest problem may be obtaining a copy, since it's no longer available from Apple directly.  Perhap local computer stores can help. Also, apple only shipped 8.0, to which you'll need the 8.1 updater of their web site.

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