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I would like to have a website with ability to use ASP and i don't know witch to choose? I need one reliable and one that is very cheap. I would like to know if every webhost like tripod, geocities and so on can bind a domain name ? if i choose a domain name like and the ftp where i upload an download file is on the Tripod or Xoom server. Does it work that way? I know they can't host CGI or ASP so for that reason i want to pay a small cost as small as possible. I also don't know how to deal with the  primary and secondary server hostname, where to get the information. Please help me!

Your sincerely
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jhurstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
webjump and hypermart both offer free hosting and the linking that you want.  With the latter, for just $10.00 per month you can even geet rid of their banners.

I doubt that the "free" websites will allow you to alias some other domain name to theirs..

you'll probably have to go to one of the ISPs in your area and buy the services from them.. they'll handle registering your domain name, aliasing it to theirs, or vice versa, and setting up your DNS servers and pointers to them..

sorry I don'[t have a better answer..  that's the way it is..

andlaAuthor Commented:
tfabian>>Thanks! But i really need more specific help. I saw a site that did everything for a customer but that was really not cheap. I Probebly must have a host for my website before a kan link a domain name to it. Right? Please i really must know about the ip adresses that is asked on

Your sincerely
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andlaAuthor Commented:
What keyword am i looking for when to know what host
support mydomain and witch doesn't.
Most hosts will support hosting  They just charge a little more for it.

They usually call it virtual domain hosting or something like that.  And they will usually have an example so that you know what they're talking about.

For example:

"We support virtual domain hosting ( for $20 a month.

And we will give you a sub-domain account ( for $10 a month."

One way to find a decent ISP is to go to microsoft's site.  They have a database on ISP's that support Frontpage.  Then when you're looking at those ISP's, look for NT hosting/ASP support.

The primary and secondary servers refer to the servers that you're ISP uses.  Just hook up with an ISP and they will take care of all your interactions with internic.
andlaAuthor Commented:
jhurst>>Thanks. :-)

mayhew>>Thank you :-)

I hope i can create my domain now, but i have heard that hypermart have more demand than just a banner, but i check it out.

Your sincerely
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