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I'm running RedHat Linux 6.0 and the problem is that my desktop doesn't cover the whole physical screen. I've got a 17" ViewSonic E771 Monitor and Creative Labs Graphic Blaster RIVA TNT. I've used xf86config to setup the XServer. How do I get the desktop to cover the whole screen?
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gashalotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not a true Linux-related question as the problem is not XFree86.  The problem here lies in the fact that you have encountered a new refresh rate or resolution on your monitor, and it saves the settings for each one seperately, and since this is a new mode it has just reverted to factory defaults.  You should use your monitor's controls to move the screen around on the CRT itself.  If you can't move it far enough to make you happy use the 'xvidtune' program to make some more adjustments (be careful though, only use if it you are still ending up with tons of black screenspace on the left side and the Horiz-position control is set to the far left extreme [or up/down or to the right, that was just an example]).
try re-running XF86Setup. it automaticaly sets the resolution you select to cover the whole screen.

joeDreamAuthor Commented:
I've got Windows98 and WindowsNT on the same machine so, if I adjust the monitor controls, it'll screw up the desktops on both of these. Should I go ahead with 'xvidtune'?
sorry - i probalby misunderstood the question at first.

generaly this wont happen. modern monitors save more than 10 different mode settings. you may use xvidtune of course.
In this case, xvidtune would be your best choice, since it appears that you are running the same refresh/resolution on all of the OS's and you would need to make the changes from within X itself.  Try xvidtune and attempt to adjust it with that program, that way you don't screw up your desktops in the other OS's.
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