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Thank you.
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Here is the other 'for chensu' question that JHuang had posted by mistake.



C++ Programming Question
Title: "Question for chensu only"
From: JHuang Date: Sunday, June 27 1999 - 06:48PM CDT  
Status: Waiting for answer
Points: 100 Points (Moderate)
Note: Don't answer this question if you are not chensu because he gave me much useful comments in my another question "Printing long Documents".

I'm using MFC:CDaoRecordSet to fetch data from a .MDB
file. Would you please tell me what the major difference is between DAO and ODBC? Which one will you suggest me to choose?
I knew CDaoRecordSet can only access .MDB file. CRecordSet can access the other types of files, like DBASE, FOXPRO, .CSV file, even EXCELL. Is it easy to fetch data from .CSV file by using ODBC?

2.The following is a Window95 question. Don't let the second question bother you too much.

If I get a new type of file (with new extention, say MyFile.AAA) in my harddisk. When I double click the file, Window95 will let me select an application to open this file. I choose NotePad. After that, any file with extention .AAA will be opened by NotePad automatically except that I run the other application first, then open the file with extention .AAA. How can I cancel this link between the file extention and the application?
I even tried to rename the file. I found I only could change the filename, not the extention. For example, I want to change MyFile.TXT to MyFile.CPP, but I got MyFile.CPP.TXT.
Could you tell me how to change a file's extention?

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