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If you are working on Exchange Server, what are the files that you usually back up at your office? I'm just wondering since I don't use it at work. Just messing around at home. I'm thinking of backing up my Global Address List, but don't know how to locate it yet. Any idea where I could find this file?

Let suppose that in the future, my Exchange Server crashes and burned up in smoke. I would like to be able to reinstall it and restore my database. Could you tell me what are the files that I should back up? Thanks!
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reddarinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The three files you must have are dir.edb priv.edb and pub.edb.

Along with those files, you must have the correct, case sensitive spelling of your Org and Site names. You also need to know the directory structure. For instance, if the Public and Private Information Stores are on drive D in folder EXPRIV_PUB, you'd need to know that.

At a bare minimum, you need the ORG and SITE names (correct-case sensitive spelling), the priv.edb and pub.edb, and the directory structure.

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