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For chensu : Rich OLE Interface

chensu :

I read your comment , giving the URL on "how to embedd a bitmap to a RTF document" . I tried to convert the source from MFC to plain API using this function , that is supposed to draw the given bitmap to the current position of the cursor in the richedit "rEdit" : ( I 've not make it doing cleanups , so don't except a delete[] to a new for example )

The problem is , that the OleCreateFromFile always fails , with an error of "file not found" , although the file exists . Can you figure whats wrong with the code ?

int InsertBitmap(HWND rEdit,LPCOLESTR lpszFileName)
   LPRICHEDITOLE      m_pRichEditOle;
   LPOLEOBJECT      m_lpObject;
   LPSTORAGE         m_lpStorage;
   LPOLECLIENTSITE      m_lpClientSite;

   ::SendMessage((HWND)rEdit, EM_GETOLEINTERFACE, 0, (LPARAM)&m_pRichEditOle);
      if (m_pRichEditOle == NULL)
      return false;

   // Create the embedded object

      LPLOCKBYTES lpLockBytes = NULL;
      CLSID clsid = CLSID_NULL;
      CLIPFORMAT cfFormat = 0;
   SCODE sc;

      sc = ::CreateILockBytesOnHGlobal(NULL, TRUE, &lpLockBytes);      if (sc != S_OK)
      if (sc != S_OK)
      return false;

      sc = ::StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes(lpLockBytes,
      if (sc != S_OK)
      return false;

      // fill in FORMATETC struct      FORMATETC formatEtc;      lpFormatEtc = &formatEtc;
      lpFormatEtc->cfFormat = cfFormat;
   lpFormatEtc->ptd = NULL;
   lpFormatEtc->dwAspect = DVASPECT_CONTENT;
   lpFormatEtc->lindex = -1;
      lpFormatEtc->tymed = (DWORD)-1;      // attempt to create the object
      sc = ::OleCreateFromFile(clsid,
            IID_IUnknown, OLERENDER_NONE, lpFormatEtc, m_lpClientSite, m_lpStorage,

   if (sc != S_OK)
            char lpMsgBuf[10000];
            ::FormatMessage( FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM, NULL,
                                     MAKELANGID(LANG_NEUTRAL, SUBLANG_DEFAULT),
                                     (LPTSTR) &lpMsgBuf, 10000, NULL );
            MessageBox( 0, lpMsgBuf,"Error", MB_OK );
      return false;

      // m_lpObject is currently an IUnknown, convert to IOleObject
      if (m_lpObject != NULL)      {
               LPUNKNOWN lpUnk = m_lpObject;
            lpUnk->QueryInterface(IID_IOleObject, (void**)&m_lpObject);
            if (m_lpObject == NULL)
         return false;
      // all items are "contained" -- this makes our reference to this object
      //  weak -- which is needed for links to embedding silent update.
      OleSetContainedObject(m_lpObject, TRUE);

   // 3 . Ready !
   REOBJECT reobject;
   ZeroMemory(&reobject, sizeof(REOBJECT));
      reobject.cbStruct = sizeof(REOBJECT);

      sc = m_lpObject->GetUserClassID(&clsid);
   if (sc != S_OK)
            return false;
   reobject.clsid = clsid;
      reobject.cp = REO_CP_SELECTION;
   reobject.dvaspect = DVASPECT_CONTENT;
      reobject.dwFlags = REO_RESIZABLE | REO_BELOWBASELINE;
   reobject.dwUser = 0;
      reobject.poleobj = m_lpObject;
      reobject.polesite = m_lpClientSite;
      reobject.pstg = m_lpStorage;
   SIZEL sizel;
   sizel.cx = sizel.cy = 0;
      reobject.sizel = sizel;

   // 4 . Insert
   return true;
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1 Solution
Just a comment..
Have you initialized your COM libraries..??
OleInitialize (NULL);
WxWAuthor Commented:

1. lpszFileName should be a Unicode string.
2. Make sure m_lpClientSite is valid.
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WxWAuthor Commented:
The m_lpClientSite is valid

You mean that passing a standard ASCIIZ string won't work ? How can I convert it ?

for example , convert "c:\\image.bmp\0"
ANSI strings won't work. Pass something like L"c:\\image.bmp".

// To convert an ANSI string lpszA to a Unicode string lpszW

int nLen = ::MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, lpszA, -1, NULL, NULL);

LPWSTR lpszW = new WCHAR[nLen];

::MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, lpszA, -1, lpszW, nLen);

// use lpszW here

delete []lpszW;

WxWAuthor Commented:
Great , that did it . Please answer .
I wonder why it wasn't made to work with ansi strings .
Thank you.

>I wonder why it wasn't made to work with ansi strings.

All the COM/OLE functions use Unicode.
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