error c0000017

we are trying to log on to several machines and receive the error "the system cannot log you on." the error message is c0000017. I could not find any information on the MS site. Please help fast because this is mega urgent.

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MaDdUCKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
funny, because so many people are experiencing this error lately. so did i and it was a bitch to fix, but was of great help again:


If you receive the subject message when trying to log on locally, it may be due to a memory leak.
Network users may receive a RPC Server Busy or similar RPC error.

If you have the Shut Down button on the Windows NT Security dialogue, you can shutdown to temporarily elleviate the problem. If no Shut Down button is available, you will have to use SHUTDOWN.EXE.

If you still can't logon after the restart, use REG to set the Start value of third party services to 0x3 (manual).

If you can't, try tip 0182.

When the system is stabled enough to use, see tips 0088 and 0417.

NOTE You can use Regedt32 on another Windows NT computer to Select Computer, instead of REG.

schwartzaAuthor Commented:
excellent, I will look into this and contact you again...
you should not have accepted my answer then...but anyway, i will answer any questions you have on this topic if you post them here...
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